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Remote diagnosis system
English > Remote diagnosis system

The remote diagnosis and service system of the turbo-generating unit is an integrated service platform independently developed by CCJEC through integrating the Internet plus, big data cloud platform and the enterprise advantageous resources, which can provide 24h real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis analysis, online maintenance guidance during unit running for users to achieve remote collaboration services and unattended full lifecycle management. It can realize seamless connection with any domestic and foreign brands DCS and systemic integration of CCJEC advantageous resources (14 professional experts from different areas), thus capable of providing the smart power station solution with turbo-generator as the core product and targeting customized service upon customer' s request in a quick manner.

Based on the remote diagnosis and service system, we can provide the following services to our customers:

On-line monitoring for startup and operation of steam turbine generator unit, suggestions on efficiency improvement and early warning of risk.

Regular "physical examination" and co-diagnosis by professional specialist panel on steam turbine generator unit, so as to provide the diagnosis report for equipment operating conditions, promptly discover any possible problems, and avoid any major accident and heavy loss.

Based on application of big data, to reasonably extend the overhaul and minor repair intervals of steam turbine generator unit, make technical upgrade and apply new technologies for steam turbine generator unit so as to create added values to customers.

To set up the spare parts warehouse together with customers, reduce construction cost and cost of possession for the customers, also ensure timely supply of spare parts, shorten non-scheduled down time of users and make added benefit.

In case of any special conditions on the generator unit, the specialist can diagnose at the remote diagnosis center and provide real-time troubleshooting solutions for prompt handling of problems.

At present, Ningbo Xiebei (25 MW unit), Hubei Jinfenghuang (25 MW unit), Shandong Shen County (60 MW unit) and Anhui Shanying Paper Industry Co, Ltd (50 MW unit) have installed the remote diagnosis and service system. During unit startup, over-speed test, grid connection and load ascension of Anhui Shanying Paper Industry Co, Ltd, CCJEC experts provide real-time control and remote guidance through the internal monitoring room to solve the problem of inadequate experience of professionals, receiving good user commendations.


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