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Steam Turbo-Generator
English > Steam Turbo-Generator

Steam turbine generator is one of the leading products of CCJEC with 60 years of successful experience in design, manufacturing and operation. Especially since 2000, modular and computer aided design has been applied, and units of previous series have been comprehensive evaluated and optimized which makes type units more reasonable and universal.

Main features:

Adopting advanced air cooling technology

The generator which applies air cooling technology is characterized by simple structure, less auxiliary equipment, easy installation, high safety and reliability, convenient operation and maintenance, less investment and low operating cost, etc.

High efficiency

Through application of advanced computing technology, thinner insulation material, and increased cross section of conductive copper wire, the copper loss is reduced. Through use of quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet with high permeability and low loss, the lamination factor is higher, iron loss is significantly reduced, and actual efficiency is 0.2% higher than the national standard.

Low temperature rise

Under the conditions of lower copper loss and iron loss as well as thinner main insulation material, the heat source is reduced and heat dissipation effect is better, and the generator temperature rise is reduced accordingly.

Large margin in generation capacity.

Good static and dynamic stability, strong overload capacity.

Good capacity of leading phase, peak regulation and asynchronous operation.

Small vibration, high safety and reliability in operation.

Match with large-capacity exciter.

Match with large-capacity air cooler.


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