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Cooperate & Support
English > Cooperate & Support

1、Bid or Design Support. If you plan to purchase our products, such as power plant EPC works, steam turbine, turbo generator, hydro-turbine, Control system (Including DEH, ETS, TSI, Exciting and etc), and spare parts for above products, please contact us for commercial support or technology support.

2、Cooperate. If you have any good idea to cooperate with us, please contact with us without hesitate.

3、Authority Confirm. If you want confirm the Authority letter is true or false, please email to us, we’ll check and confirm for you.

Overseas cooperate and support provided by System Service Division.




Contacts: Wu Haifeng

E-mail: ned@ccjec.com

Wechat: hingsunwood 

QQ 30048119

Mobile: +86-13971327981

Phone: +86-27-59831817


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